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As I am busy compiling our Top 9 from 2017, I find that this is actually an incredibly difficult task. Each Yard Party that we have been fortunate enough to set this year has been a unique representation of love and friendship from the giver to the recipient. On our door hangers we make certain to mention "The person who booked this Yard Party for you is AWESOME!", and this is so true. Our customers are fairly certain about what and how they want to present their gift and it is up to Chris and I to create our displays, compile our giant Yard Party Display Signs and crawl around lawns and businesses at all hours of the super crazy early morning to make that happen. How can I pick a Top 9 from a year that has given us so many birthday celebrations, proms, graduations, weddings/showers/anniversaries, beautiful ballets, cherished schools, shopping and retail events, and of course the special charities that have moved us with each one that we are so very lucky enough to have set. This is tough, so when I post it, my Top 9 will for sure be just a memory of some of the FUN Yard Parties that we did because honestly, I can't choose only 9 to be the top!

When the Yard Party is a surprise, we do our best to get there super early. Our 4:45, 5:00, 5:30 am -alarm clocks and backup alarm clocks (Chris text: I'M UP - R U UP? Dianne reply: YES UGH - insert appropriate emoji here) and back up, back up alarm clocks (Chris text: LEAVING NOW - Dianne reply: LEAVING NOW) are never an easy call time. However, once we hit the peaceful quiet of the ridiculously early morning and arrive in the neighborhood, and find the house, (and double check that we are at the correct house, and triple check that we are at the correct house - btw an inverted number on the same street almost caused a stranger to have a HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY display in his front yard for the day!) we are somehow not tired anymore and our job becomes completely fun as we quietly create a Yard Party celebration in the lawn. Somehow during all of this madness, the front lawn becomes Yard Party Land and the real magic part happens when we get to see the sunrise. If we are really lucky, we get to see the sunrise over the newly created Yard Party! So we are always thankful to our customers, one- for thinking of booking a Yard Party for their loved one and two -for the beautiful early morning we get when the Yard Party is a surprise. We do include winter mornings in this because, as hockey moms and skiers, Chris and I know very well how to layer up and keep warm and once we get working we somehow don't feel as cold as we could be. Then of course after every set up .... the coffee shop awaits! Lucky us - but I do apologize to my favorite baristas for having to see one more photo of one more Yard Party that we did that day! Thanks for the coffee though - it was SO GOOD!

When a Yard Party is booked for a pre-planned party/event and is not a surprise, although we do miss out on the sunrise, we are also thankful that we won't need our alarms (or back up alarms) and can meet at a more reasonable hour to work on creating Yard Party Magic! This is when we get to sometimes chat with the party throwers and learn even more about our customers and their special events.

2017 has been a year of many new friends that we are thankful to have had a chance to get to know. We do not take any of our Yard Party People for granted and we again thank you for thinking of us and we have had a BLAST getting to:

Spread the Love, Share the Joy, and Throw a Yard Party!

As we say goodbye to 2017 we are reminded of the incredible hospitality our customers have shown to us by welcoming us into their yards, homes, businesses and charities. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to put an exclamation point on your celebration and highlight your mission in our GIANT Yard Party way!

We are excited about our exciting new additions and surprises that we have up our sleeves and that are occurring in 2018 that we literally CAN NOT WAIT to share these with you! All in good time my friends - we wish you peace this holiday season, a very HAPPY New Year and we WILL be in touch in 2018! See you in Yard Party Land!

Peace, Love & Yard Party On - Dianne Soucie, Owner

(and lover of a big giant coffee drink after setting a Yard Party, Custom Lawn Greeting)

ALSO - Thanks as always to the creative and fun Chris Bilardo who I am lucky to call my friend and who is just crazy enough to crawl around people's front yards at 5 am with me - why would anyone want to do this job with out you?

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