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Spread the Love Share the Joy!

About a year ago I had a wonderful idea to start a new company. Problem was, I did not know what I wanted to do. This new company had to be creative, it had to inspire, it had to spread some good cheer and really, it had to be FUN! I follow some very interesting home designers, makers and creative types on social media and one day I stumbled upon these great big giant letters and specialty signs! I knew instantly, this was for me! I did my research, I did my homework, I worked some more, planned, worked again and ta da -

Yard Party, Custom Lawn Greetings was born! Our message was and is very clear:


I mean, what better way then to show a loved one you care about them then in a great big giant way, right there on their special day, and right their on their front lawn!

As soon as I began, I immediately contacted one of the smartest hockey/golf moms I know,

Chris Bilardo, and offered her a territory and a chance work with me on this crazy new project. After seeing just a few photos, and listening patiently to my breathless explanation and plans during our initial 3 hour work/drinks meeting, she was IN! Thank goodness!

So now, as we approach the one year mark, we look back on the blessings of 2016. We stared with Prom and Grad season 2016 and have since celebrated many birthdays, anniversaries, school functions, ballet & theater, charities and so much more. If you wondered, as you left the house for work or for your 6 am run, who exactly would be crazy enough to be crawling around someone's lawn at the crack of dawn, well that was us setting up a fun display! In our first year, we have learned so much, come so far and truly spread the joy and the shared the love in countless ways. We have planned and collaborated, laughed and actually even cried with our customers this year as we have set displays were cheeky and silly, downright funny as well as very touching and loving tributes to the most cherished of loved ones.

We truly have had the opportunity to live our tagline. How lucky are we to have met so many wonderful customers and new friends this year! We were welcomed into their homes and front lawns and we are thankful for all the hospitality! We are also grateful for the lessons that we have learned during our first year of business and we look forward to getting the chance to continue on 2017 by doing the following:

Spreading the Love, Sharing the Joy, Throwing a Yard Party!

Dianne Soucie - wife, mom, puppy wrangler, children's on call car service, social coordinator - Owner, Yard Party, Custom Lawn Greetings

(She also finds a big giant coffee comes in handy during a 5:30 am set up! )

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