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YARD PARTY is a fun and unique way to celebrate life's special occasions and share the joy with custom lawn greetings.  Each greeting is a persoanlized message spelled out with 2' letters and Yard Party Specialty Signs.  The display is placed in the yard of the party recipient for their own YARD PARTY!

How much does a Yard Party cost?  A YARD PARTY, Custom Lawn Greeting is $95.00 plus tax.
Do you charge extra for more signs?   Never!   You may choose as much as you like and we never charge extra for ANYTHING!   
How do I pay?  Once you have decided upon your date, contact us and we will arrange all details with you and email you a Pay Pal (PayPal account NOT required) invoice.  
What is your delivery area?  We serve all the suburbs closest to our home bases of Olmsted Falls and Avon, OH.  
When do you deliver and pick up?  Typically we set up a Yard Party in the mornings and remove the next morning.
What if I want you to set up earlier or if I would like to keep my Yard Party for a couple of days? It is important to Yard Party to work with each customer and truly customize set up and removal times to fit your needs.  We will arrange the exact set up and removal times that will work for you/and that will fit into our current installation schedule for each day.
Can I pick up your signs and set my own Yard Party myself?   Yard Party is a company that actually styles, sets up and removes for you.   This is our service to our customers.   
When should I reserve my YARD PARTY?  Last minute orders may be available but sooner is always better, our dates book quickly and popular styles do go first.
What if my Yard Party is going to be months away?  Yard Party will book our calendar up to a year in advance. It is best to book as soon as you have a date and venue so you are certain to secure the exact Yard Party Display Signs you are looking for and also allow plenty of time for any custom made Yard Party Display Sign that you wish.  
What does a typical birthday Yard Party Consist of?  For a birthday Yard Party we typically state: HAPPY (number, st, th) BIRTHDAY (name) - or we may state a clever phrase - see the Inspiration Gallery and Phrase Ideas pages on this site for some ideas -or we can help you come up with something clever if you wish.  We generally utilize one of our unique HAPPY BIRTHDAY sets, unless the phrasing does not accommodate this or our customer chooses a different creative path.  Your Yard Party is accented with colorful stars and balloons signs and the following specialty signs:  Birthday Cake, Candles, Present.  We then CUSTOMIZE your Yard Party by adding any specialty sign that may pertain to the birthday recipient such as amy sport or spcial interests - football, shamrock, glass of wine, etc.   We have truly hundreds of Yard Party Specialty Signs to choose from.    YOU May choose as MANY Yard Party Display Signs as you wish and we NEVER charge extra for this.  
Can I pick what color/style of Happy Birthday Set Yard Party Uses?  What about colors of letters?  YES!  Any HBD set and our colored letters are available as long as they not already on rental.  If you have a preference, let us know and we will note this on your invoice and reserve it for you. 
How many signs do I get with my Yard Party rental?  A Yard Party consists of 2' tall letters and graphic specialty signs.  Yard Party places NO LIMIT  on the amount of signs that may be utilized. Any of our signs are available as long as they are not currently reserved for another rental, (a reservation is complete with a paid invoice).  We never charge extra for ANYTHING.
How does my recipient know what a Yard Party is?  Every Yard Party is completed with a door hanger- which is now placed under our Yard Party sign -  that explains the rental, policies and how awesome the person is who booked their Yard Party! 
How do I surprise my recipient?  Your Yard Party Installers (Yard Party People) will install  in the morning on the date of the Yard Party.  We do try to be as "stealthy" as possible.  To minimize any disruption to homeowners and pets, and for the safety of our installers, we do ask that someone in the residence is aware of our arrival times. 
Do you install at party venues?  Yes, with permission.  We can contact the venue for you, if you wish!
What if there is no grass?  We typically do need a lawn to install.
What if the yard is small?  A Yard Party works on multiple levels, we can fit most areas.  Contact us to discuss.
Do you deliver in the rain?   Yes!  The great news about Yard Party, Custom Lawn Greetings display signs is that these signs can withstand almost any weather condition.  We will however, not deliver during hazardous conditions or if extremely high winds are predicted or if lightning is present.  
What about snow?  Snow typically does not present a problem for Yard Party, the ground is nice and soft underneath all that snow.  However, should we get enough of a stretch of arctic temps, and the ground freezes enough to prevent proper placement, we will make note on this site and on our platforms.   So far this has not been an issue for Yard Party but we are aware that this could occur.  
What about a dry summer day?  While it is possible to install a Yard Party in a dry lawn, it just takes a bit longer and takes more work and muscle.  We always ask our wonderful customers to please run the irrigation system as much as possible, before our arrival. 
How many Yard Parties can you do in a day?  We celebrate many recipients each and every day, and 7 days/week.   We have a very large inventory and are adding letters and display signs constantly.
I am looking for a specific specialty sign and I do not see it in your inventory, can you get it?  With a little notice, Yard Party can create any sign for our customers!  Just let us know what you are looking for and we will work with you to create the perfect specialty sign to enhance your
Yard Party!
This is perfect for my school/PTO/PTA.  Do you work with schools and for what occasions?  Yes, we work with many private, Catholic schools and with public school systems.  Some occasions:  back to school, special person's day, 100 day, open house, Catholic schools week, teacher appreciation, good luck to sports teams, spirit rallies, charity functions, Freshman welcome, shopping days, proms, prom grand march, graduations. School systems may order per Yard Party or as an annual bundle. 
What about my business or non-profit?  Yard Party works with many business and non-profits.  Some examples:  501c3 for so many special and wonderufl people who are battling illness, theaters, dance companies, and ballets to promote shows and special events, promotions for business - special sales, golf outings, gift card purchases, employee recognition, company special days/outings 
Can you do a theme Yard Party for my business or home?  Yes - with a little notice, Yard Party can accommodate ANY theme!   
Do you price for multiple Yard Parties?  Yard Party is proud to offer bundle pricing for school systems and business who would like to throw several Yard Parties throughout the year.  Contact us for our bundle pricing. 
I love your specialty signs, can I buy them?  Yard Party will periodically offer certain Yard Party Specialty Signs for purchase.  Yard Party has enlisted a graphic arts team to design specific Yard Party Specialty Signs for rental and purchase.  For details on our current Yard Party Specialty Signs for purchase, please see our Yard Party Retail Page on this site.  
Yard Party is happy to customize any Yard Party Specialty Sign for purchase for an individual, a group, or in bulk for a school group or fundraiser.  Contact us for a  bulk pricing quote.
Do you sell your letters or any other Yard Party signs? Yes!  Contact us for details!
Is Yard Party a direct sales company or a franchise?  No.  We are the "little guy" - we are a small, local business and that is the way we like it.  Yard Party, Custom Lawn Greetings, llc is wholly owned by Dianne Soucie.   Thank you for shopping small and local!  
UPDATE for 2020 -   Due to the current health crisis, our wholesale biz is currently on hold as we tend to our local Yard Party, Custom Lawn Greetings customers.   Should you be interested in purchasing anything wholesale, you may send us a message and we will reply and keep your info on file for when we open up our workshop again.  
Do you sell wholesale?  Yes!  Our prices are very competitive!  Contact us for details.
What materials do you use?  All Yard Party signs are created with Coroplast and Vinyl.  We do not print onto the Coroplast and this makes our signs quite vibrant in color.  Our signs are shiny, glossy, of the BEST quality, UV rated for 7 years, will repel scratches, and will last. 
Do you charge a set up fee?  No
Can you teach me how to own and operate my own lawn greetings business?  Yes - we have an awesome instruction manual that we send to our new business owner customers (free) and we offer (free and ongoing) consulting. 
Are you a franchise?  No
I currently own a biz, can you match my current letter font?  Yes
Do you publish your client names anywhere?  NEVER  We will never advertise our business based on our client's company names.  All of our client companies' purchases are confidential - always.   We will sell to any company, anywhere and at any time. 
I have a Franchise with a big national company but I can't get my signs quick enough and they are so expensive - can you match my font and current set up and match/beat my current prices?  Can you do this confidentially?   Yes.  We sell to many large national franchise owners, from many different franchises,  at very competitive prices.  We never publish our wholesale customer list.  
IF I decide that I want to sell the letters that I purchase from you, do I have to sell them back to you?  Never - any sign purchased from Yard Party is the property of the purchaser who may resell to anyone at any time.  
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